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Worcester Regional Science & Engineering Fair
High School Award Recipients 2015

Student Name Project Title High School Town


Yashaswini Makaram

The Phoney Lift: Using Accelerometers to Identify People Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Georgie Botev Single Track Gray Codes: A General Constuction & Extensions Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester


Kyle Foster They Get Knocked Down, But They Get Up Again! Wachusett RHS Holden

Mariam Dogar

Effects of Turine on Memory Retention in D. Dorotocephala Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Amol Punjabi New Algorithms for Virtual Drug Screening Applied to Cancer Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester

Aishwarrya Arivudainambi

Effects of Curcumin and Piperine on Development in D. rerio Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Jacqueline Forson The Fault in Our Sea Stars: Analyizing SSWD Asteroids Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
William DeMaria The Effect of Caffeine on Infalmmatory Response in C. elegans Bancroft School Worcester
Samantha Joubran Isolation of Biologically Active Compounds in Apple Peels Hudson HS Hudson
Sashrika Saini Novel ADORA2B Model Utilizing AR@A Multisequence Templates Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Sanjay Ganeshan CheckAIC an .OS App for Automated Diabetes Management Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Katherine Schweikert Nuts to 911: Using Activated Emergency Alert System for EpiPen Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Sathya Anisetti Electropack: Generating Electricity with a Backpack Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Victoria Shakespeare The Effect of Integrin alpha6B4 on Cancer Stem Cells ST. Mark's School



Vikram Pathalam Effect of Phyllanthus amarus on Cancer Cell Proliferation Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury

Margaret Simon
Vjolii Jorgji

Linking the Effect of DBP on Drosophila Offspring to Asthma Bancroft School Worcester
Angha Arvind Efficient Generation & Transmission of Wireless Energy Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury
Vivek Subramaniam Bone Regeneration Using Novel Graphene Polymer  Scaffolds Westborough HS Westborough
Shadi Bovar Developing a Debris-Resistant Hydrokinetic Turbine Mass Academy of Math and Science Worcester
Rohan Oberoi Texting & Calling...Impact on Reaction Time Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury
Kevin Hu Storing Genetic Information in a Graphical Data Structure Westborough HS Westborough
Julie Goldberg The Effect of Biostimulation Oil Spill Collection on Rye Wachusett RHS Holden
Rachel Walker Katherine Edwards Effect of Climate Change on Egg Viability of D. Plexippus Bancroft School Worcester
Colin Staab A New Method for Muscle Regeneration Hopkinton HS Hopkinton
Sydney Vu The Effect of Caffeine on the Effects of etOH in C. elegans Bancroft School Worcester
Anqi Zhou The Effects of Tubulin Inhibitors on Embryonic Development Marian HS Framingham
Evan Solomonides Sustainable Insulation from Potatoes Mass Academy of Math & Science



Katie Hudek Quacee: A Mechanism for Specifying Quantum Circuits & Quantum Computations Hudek Home School Grafton

Shil Nawab           Saad Chaudry

Smart PRT System by Quantum Linking and Superconductivity St. John's HS Shrewsbury
Sean Bellefeuille Matthew Sarro Affordable Lower-Limb Prosthetics in Developing Countries St. Mark's School Southborough
Acadia Kopec Thyne to Stop Diabetes Wachusett RHS Holden
Saachi Gopal Project ENCA: In search of Natural Mechanisms to Reverse Acne Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury
Michael Lyons The Effects of DHEA on Muscle Function in C. elegans Bancroft School Worcester
Hannah Sweeney Changing Pigmentation of Pieris rapae Hopkinton HS Hopkinton
Nia Quinones Optimal Fixation Method to Allow for Proper HPV Diagnosis St. Mark's School Southborough
Colin Shanahan Effect of Fetal Antibiotic Dosage on Obesity in Adult C. elegans Bancroft School Worcester
Matthew Huang A Test for Detection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury
Dylan Doxey The Effect of Mountain Dew on Fertility in Male Fruit Flies Wachustt RHS Holden
Alyssa Stark The Dirt on Natural Cleaners Wachusett RHS


Hannah Fuller

Optimizing Lipid Production in C. sorokiniana for Biofuel
St. Mark's School


Urvi Savant Antibiotic Resistance: Antibiotics Create More Problems Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury
Aryan Naik Social Deprivation Increases Glucose Preference Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury

     FIFTH (Honorable Mention) AWARDS

Kelsey Moulton The Effect of Excess Sugar on Fruit Fly Learning & Memory Wachusett RHS Holden
Ruth Schade Piriformospora indica and Salt Resistance Marlborough HS Marlborough

Sheel Stueber Nicholas Trubenko

Optimization of Adsorbed Rare Gas Clusters by Simulation Bancroft School Worcester
Maura Shea Equine Play Behavior:  Static vs. Dynamic Objects Quabbin RHS Barre
Austin Heisey 3D Printing Solid Rocket Fuel Lincoln-Sudbury RHS Sudbury
Mathew McCoy Oxygen Production & Growth Rate of Ocimum basilicum Using Light Shrewsbury  HS Shrewsbury
Jane Langan The Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide on Seed Germination  Marian HS Framingham
Brian Best

Modeling Highway Systems Using Physarum polycephalum

Hopkinton HS Hopkinton

Natalie Baillargeon Mridhu Khanna

The Effect of ANti-Bacterial Soap on Microbiome Westborough HS Westborough
Bethany Keene The Effects of Therapy dogs on Human Blood Pressure Hudson HS Hudson
Pranav Gopan The Walking Whale Advanced Math & Science Academy CS Marlborough

Utkal Pandy     Utkarsh Pandey

Curcumin-RNA Conjugate as a Telomerase Targeted Prodrug Grafton HS Grafton
Stephen Foley Mind on the Road. Hopedale HS Hopedale
Jarrod Beauchemin Which Pain Reliever Dissolves the Quickest within a Stomach Model Assabet Valley RTHS Marlborough
Tori Blanchette solar Cells & Energy St. Mary's Jr/Sr HS Worcester
Michelle Loven Making Safety Click West Boylston Jr/Sr HS West Boylston

Worcester Regional Middle School Science & Engineering Fair 2015 Award Recipients

Prize Student Name Project Title School


Genzyme Award Broadcom Master Arashleen Pannu Detecting Body Fluids Using UV Light Oak Middle School
First Place Broadcom Master Omar Siddiqui Stop That Racket Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School
First  Place Broadcom Master

Bethan Cordone

Yeast Growth & Respiration in the Presence of Four Potential Fungicides

Massachusetts Virtual Academy

First Place Broadcom Master

Janani Ram

Smart-Closet: An Android Application with NFC Capability Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School
First  Place Broadcom Master

Amrita Thirumalai

Chladni Plate St. Bernadette School
First Place Broadcom Master Arun Chintalapati Rest & Recalibrate Your Memory St. Bernadette School
First Place Broadcom Master

Laila El-Samra
Tasneem Mohammed

Solar Powered Water Desalination Alhuda Academy
Second Place Broadcom Master Daniel Kaminsky Energy Efficiency: Solar Power vs. Power Grid vs. Backup Generator Power St. Bernadette School
Second Place
Broadcom Master
Sara Finnegan The Effects of Multitasking vs. Focusing on Accuracy of Recall Information Douglas Middle School

Second Place
Broadcom Master

Brianna Fisher The Effect of Non-Nicotine Vapor on Tetrahymena pyriformis Cilia Motility Worcester Academy
Second Place
Maxwell Onffroy Wood You Weight? Bancroft School
Second Place

Samantha Lacey

Feels Like I'm Flying: Rollercoaster Science Quaboag Regional Middle School
Second Place 

Noah Moselhy
Omar Nayfeh

Herding Crickets Alhuda Academy
Second  Place

Hafsa Waqar
Haris Waqar

Vibe Spy Alhuda Academy

Second  Place

Krithi Krishna

The Effect of Pesticides on Daphnia Heart Rate Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School
Second Place

Gweneth Landis
Emmeline Weeks

Light Waves Hale Middle School
Second Place
Jacob Williams Is Black Ink Really Black? West Tatnuck Elementary School
Second Place Shrugaa Chittibabau Mimicking Light Reactions Sherwood Middle  School
Third Place Zoe Foster Tree Lines:  The Effects of Climate Change on Mount Washington Robert E. Melican Middle School
Third Place

Aryan Chaudhary

Mr. Dentures: You Are What You Drink Bancroft School
Third Place Naomi Shertzer Does Food Coloring Affect Saturation? Midland Street School
Third Place Muneeb Syed Hover Car Alhuda Academy
Third Place Munir Baara The Effect of Bridge Design on Weight Bearing Capacity Alhuda Academy
Third Place Marzuk Iqbal Sound to Light Alhuda Academy
Third Place

Elyse Duff
Isabelle Lindhurst

Cupcake Wars: Acids vs. Bases in Batter St. Bernadette School
Third Place Giarima Prabhakar How Does Fin Shape Affect a Model Rocket St. Bernadette School
Third Place Simon Eber Sound "Waves": How Does the Vibration of a Guitar String Travel Through Water Midland Street School
Third Place

Clarise Liu
Cindy Ngugen

3  2  1  Blast Off Sullivan Middle School
Third Place Suhas Jeevarand
Anirudh Iyer
Wind Turbines Redesigned Oak Middle School
Third Place Ritu Somayaji The Effects of Anitoxidants on Cell Damage Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School

Third Place

Sajed Ziade

Walking Electricity Alhuda Academy
Third Place

Kolby Moynahan

Wooden Racers Quaboag Regional Middle School
Third Place Kimberly Fish Sharp Ideas to Remove A Stain Quaboag Regional Middle School
Honorable Mention Alyssa Battencourt Vita-Mazing Quaboag Regional Middle School
Honorable Mention

Carol Liu

Life-Saving Drinks Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School
Honorable Mention Danielle Joubran What's Your Angle? St. Bernadette School
Honorable Mention Maxim Attlogbe Keep the Heat Sullivan Middle  School
Honorable Mention Michaela Clancy
Caitlin Maria

Acid Rain's Impact on Plants

Sarah W. Giibbons Middle School
Honorable Mention Kaitlyn Lindquist Where's My Wi-Fi?

Nelson Place School

Honorable Mention

Emily Floury

Shake It or Break It Quaboag Regional Middle School
Honorable Mention Page Cassidy Plastic vs. Algae Bancroft School