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Worcester Regional Science & Engineering Fair
High School Award Recipients 2017


Student Name Project Title High School Town
Evan Mizerak Transgenerational Trends in Fertillity of Drosophila melanogaster Wachusett Regional HS Holden
Sathwik Karnik Safer Security: A Novel Algorithm for Detecting Carmichael Numbers Mass Academy of Math & Science


Grace Lyons

Jose Garcia Chopc

The Effects of Exercise on the Lifespan of C. elegans Bancroft School Worcester
Michelle Loven A Vibrating Watch for the Visually Impaired Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Kevin Hu Unsupervised Analysis of Gene Expression in Neurological Animal Models Mass Academy of Math & Science




Student Name Project Title High School Town
Arahleen Pannu Robotics Meets Forensics: A Whole New World:Take Two Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury
Himanshu Minocha Campus Safety Warning & Notification System Using 3D Geofencing Hopkinton HS Hopkinton
Jamiee Zhuge Effect of Metformin on AB42-induced Alzheimer's in D.melanogaster Wachusett RHS Holden
Mary Zgurzynski The Effect of Glyphosate on the Navigation of Apis Mellifera Wachusett RHS Holden
Karan Mehta Using siRNS's to Promote Homology-Directed DNA Repair Bancroft School Worcester
Matthew Adiletta Piano Player Worcester Academy Worcester

Anoop Patta,

Eshan Sane,

Krish Nathan

Developing a Home-based Thyroid Hormone Sensor


Westborough HS


Tianna Brote The Effects of Clothing on Observer Projection of Percieved Threat Bancroft School Worcester
Piyusha Kundu The Correlation Between Heart Failure & Renal Dysfunction Lincoln-Sudbury Regional HS Sudbury
Aditya Hoque Who's Better?: Creating a Novel Simulation for Baseball Player Analysis Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Julia Danko Finding Better Fuel Wachusett RHS Holden
Alexander Chen Optimizing a CNT-Based Kinetic Energy Harvester Algonquin RHS


Janelle Carmichael Candida Communities: Comparing Biofilm Growth on Catheters St. Mark's School Southborough
Christopher Van Liew The Effect of TGF-B1 on Planarian Regeneration after Photodamage Wachusett RHS Holden
Christopher Dwyer Anlayzing Necessity of Aeration  vs. Nutrient in algal Photobioreactor Wachusett RHS Holden


Student Name Project TItle High School Town
Katherine Hartigan Antioxidants & Mitochondrial Function in C.elegans MEV-1 mutants St. Mark's School Southborough
John Ta Enhancing Biodegradation in Polymers Using Silane Chemistry Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Varnika Sinha Enhancing Smart Grid Technology to the Consumer Level Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Parima Sharma Bronwyn Pappas-Byers Development of solar Cells Using Conductive Glass Hopkinton HS Hopkinton
Tyler Jones Show Me the Way Wachusett RHS Holden
Brian Best Music Math: does Music Follow a Zipfian Distribution? Hopkinton HS Hopkinton
Abigale Foster Effect of Warfarin on Learning & Memory of Drosphila melanogaster Wachusett RHS Holden

Samantha Sarafin Genevieve Deveaux

Peripheral Deficits & Social Behavior in Drosophila FMR1 Mutants

St. Mark's School. Southborough
Numaan Dogar Identifying the NPTN-MCT1 Pathway as a Target for Cancer Therapy Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Siyi (Lucy) Cao Semantic Representation of Emotional & Social Concepts in Autism St. Mark's School Southborough


Student Name Project Title High School Town
Natalie Matis The Effect of Arachidonil acid on Daphnia magna Reproduction Wachusett RHS Holden
Sam Pendergast Firearm safety: An Automated Trigger Lock Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Isha Chug The Effect of Biodegradable Plastics on Pea Palnts: Friends or Foes Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury
Jason Qian Medication Manager: Administration of Medication St. Mark's School Southborough
Jenna Pralat Kava and Acetaminophen Induced Hepatotoxicity Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Nicole Stark D.magna as a Bioassay in an Ecotoxicology Study on Pharmaceuicals Wachusett RHS Holden
Deepa Nandan Impact of Genomic alterations on TADS in Breast Cancer Westborough HS Westborough
Sally Zhi The Effect of Malathion on Neurodegeneration in D.melanogaster Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester

Felix Qin,  

Akash Koul

Effects of Nicotne and Ethanol on Development in Planaria Bancroft School Worcester
Vikram Pathalam, Varun Swamy Supervised Learning Algorithm for Automated Diagnosis of Dementia Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury
Vishnu Penubarthi C"No"2: A Novel Method to Reduce CO2 Emissions from Motor Vehicles Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury
Advait Nene Harvesting Peizoelectricity for Everyday Use Hopkinton HS Hopkinton
Harry Kuperstein Caffeine's Effect on Learning & Memory in Drosophila St. Mark's School Southborough

Worcester Regional Middle School Science & Engineering Fair 2016 Award Recipients

Prize Student Project Title School

Grand Prize, Genzyme Award, Broadcom Master

Shriyaa Chittibabu Using Dye Sensitized Solar Cells as Light Sensor Oak Middle School

First Place, WRSEF Award,Broadcom Master

Adway Wadekar Common Core's Common Genres Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School
First Place, Broadcom Master Vinnie Jeya Kumar Thermal Expansion Bag Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School
First Place, Broadcom Master Maneeb Syed I Can Sense You Alhuda Academy
First Place, Broadcom Master Ananthan Sadagopan Self Watering and Manually Watering Plants Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School
First Place, Broadcom Master Adeline Ford Up, Up & Away Quaboag Regional Middle/High School
First Place,Broadcom Master Marzuq Iqbal The Internet of Things in Action Oak Middle School
First Place, Broadcom Master Cassandra O'Shea The Toxin Sensors of Our Biological World Quaboag Regional Middle/High School
First Place, Broadcom Master Elvin Kadi Temperature Impact on Barley Sprouting Stages Worcester East Middle School
First Place, Broadcom Master Sullivan Barthel Banana Balooza! Bancroft School
First Place, Broadcom Master Sasmeta Giriraj Either Rich or Poor-Everyone Needs Clean Water at their Door St. Bernadette School
First Place, Broadcom Master Sufana Noorwez The Effects of Natural Preservatives Oak Middle School
First Place, Broadcom Master Zoe Enos Will Yeast Grow in Sugar Substitutes? St. Bernadette School
First Place, Broadcom Master Ridha Alam
Inayah Alam
Modifying the Hydraulic Crane Alhuda Academy
Second Place,Broadcom Master Sajed Ziade Water From Air Alhuda Academy
Second Place Mahir Sowad Using Exothermic Heat to Warm Up Oak Middle School
Second Place Emma Polhemus Farm to Flashlight Bancroft School
Second Place Clarise Liu Let It Flow: The Study of Viscosity of Household Fluid Sullivan Middle School
Second Place Isabella DaSilva Does Shape Matter? Sullivan Middle School
Second Place Alexander King Efficacy of Different Dyes in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells King's Home School
Second Place Farrah Holytham Revolutionizing Learning Alhuda Academy
Second Place Henry Siegal Sun Protection vs. Environmental Protection Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School
Second  Place Nikola Duka
Cecilia Foley
A Look into Another Universe Forest Grove Middle School
Second Place Margaret Gallagher How Bacteria Growth is Affected by Temperature Bancroft School
Third Place

Pierce Sullivan

Nautical Net Force Bancroft  School
Third Place Sofia Howland Harlow The Destruction of Coral Reefs Melican Middle School
Third Place Shivani Allada Ishita Goluguri Salty Power Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School
Third Place Omar Nayfeh
Noah Moselhy
Hybrid Aricraft Alhuda Academy
Third Place Garina Prabhakar Determining the Speed of Gravity Using solar and Lunar Tidal Data St. Bernadette School
Third Place Elan Rosen Lighting Up Your Escape Hopkinton Middle School
Third Place Nicole Sarmiento Does the Battery Brand Affect the Velocity of a Robot? Flagg Street School
Third Place Jordan Conrad The Stroop Effect Forest Grove Middle School
Third Place Helen Lim
Julia Benton
Mansi Gera
The Effect of Color on Heart Rate Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School
Honorable Mention Abigail Antonelli Are Fingerprints Inherited? West Tatnuck Elementary School
Honorable Mention Samuel Avinoam How to Maximize the Altitude of a Water Rocket Flagg Street School
Honorable Mention Clara Moulin The Sugar Rush Bancroft School
Honorable Mention Zoe Rudnick Crash Test: Effect of Vehicle Size on Vehicular Damage in a Head-on Collision Oak Middle School
Honorable Mention Aashiq Rayabarapu Which Propeller Produces the Most Energy Sarah W. Giibbons Middle School
Honorable Mention Sara Bernardo
Eliza Worrell
Tick Tock Fruit Clock Hopkinton Middle School
Honorable Mention Maia Beaudry
Ryleigh Flansburg
Testing Your Peripheral Vision DouglasMiddle School
Honorable Mention Chloe Donovan
Owen Sullivan-Dale
PHow Does Asperin Affect Plant Growth Maynard High School
Honorable Mention Trina Fearon How Electrifying is Your Juice? McKay Arts Academy