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Worcester Regional Science & Engineering Fair
High School Award Recipients 2014

Student Name Project Title High School Town



The Effect of L-Carrageenanon Blastemal Cell Development Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Jesse Michel Base 1.5 analysisi of Properties & RElation to Collatz Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester


Steven Homberg Finding Enrichments for Disease-Associated SNPs Westborough HS Westborough

Marcelo Ferrari
Akanksh Chaudhary

Linking Prenatal Sound Exposure in D. melanogaster Bancroft School Worcester
Gregory Konar A CDH1 Reporter to Evaluate Cancer Cell Differentiation Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester

Jagath Jai Kumar
Paul Maurais

Eye of the Storm Hopdale Jr/Sr HS Hopedale
Amol Punjabi Engineering Bright Nanocubes for Photodynamic Cancer Therapy Advancd Math & Science Academy CS Marlborough
Xiayue Wang Early diagnosis of Herpes Viridae Viral Infections by MIPs Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Allie McCarthy Optimal Snake Venom: Preventing Cancer Cell Proliferation Bancroft School Worcester
Alyse Gonthier Way Over Whey:  The Effects of Acid Whey on the Environnment Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Damini Chelladurai Creating a Micropipetting Protocal to Reduce Human Error Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Evan Solomonides Sustainable Insulation from Potatoes Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Srinivas Lade Comparing the Strength of Three Forms of Plant Phyllotaxis Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury
Chandler Friend Allelopathic Effects of C. orbiculatus and F. japonic Mass Academy of Math & Science



Yashaswini Makaram Pick Up Line; Using Accelerometers to Identify a Person Algonquin RHS Northborough
Ayush Kumar The Cytotoxic Effect of Borrelia: Lyme Disease in Zebrafish Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Vivek Subramaniam PLGA Nanoparticle Drug Delivery for Cryptococcal Infections Westborough HS Estborough
Thomas Auchincloss Elizabeth MacDougall Starvation in C. elegans: The impact on RNA Interference St. Mark's School Southborough
Isay Katsman Creating an Ergonomic CSS-Based Website Layout Generator Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury
Sahil Suresh
Grant Xu
The Science Behind Winning and Confidence Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury
Brian Miller Natural Weed Control Wachusett RHS Holden
Quinn Fitzpatrick Notch Inhibition with GSI in Breast Adenocarcinoma Hopkinton HS Hopkinton
Colin Staab Platelet Lysate Improves Muscle Cell Growth Hopkinton HS Hopkinton
Laura Jenny Insect Ecology: Organic vs. Agricultural Pesticide Leominster HS Leominster
Robert Ferm Oh Dear! Dying Daphnia! Wachusett RHS Holden
Kyle Foster Is it Time to Roundup those GMO's? Wachusett RHS Holden
William DeMaria
Emory Payne
Effect of Fibrin on Adult hmsc's Exposed to ErOH and Caffeine Bancroft HS



Varun Mathur Vineet Mathur NaCl Separation Using Nanoporous Graphene Oxide Membrane Advance Math & Science Academy CS Marlborough
Alexandra Mills Effect of Chronic vs. Acute Protein Deficiency on Cognition St. Mark's School Southborough
Hakyong Jeon Comparing Four Dissociation Methods in Stem Cells St. Mark's School Southborough
Patrick Casey
Nick Valiton
Dylan Nadeau
Saving the World One Drop at a Time Leominster HS Leominster
Sonali Razdan Power Generation From Biowaste: Earthworm Edition Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury
Lucy Fitzgerald Effect of pH on Pulsation Rate& Recovery Bancroft School Worcester
Sahil Nawah Saad Chaudry Smart PRT System by Quantum Locking and Superconductivity St. John's HS Shrewsbury
Allison Coomber Detecting Infection with Raspberries Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Victoria Shakespeare Music Learning & Cognitive Function in Children St. Mark's School Southborough
Christopher Schick William Lyons Effects of Abscisic Acid vs. Indole Acetic Acid on Vetiver St. Mark's School Southborough
Haomiao(Julie) Geng Synthesis of R-Furalaxyl, an Enantiopure Fungicide. St. Mark's School Southborough
Katie Hudek A Novel Bioinformatics System for Pharmacological Research Hudek Home School


Aishwarrya Arivudainambi

Inhibiting LuxL/LuxR Type Quorum Sensing: A Novel Approach
Shresbury HS


 Julie Goldberg                   ECOIL, An EcoFriendly Metthod of        Wachusett RHS              Holden
                                                               Oil Collection 

     FIFTH (Honorable Mention) AWARDS

Aishwarya Kaki How Much is Too Much? Effects of BPA on Planaria Regeneration Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Saachi Gopal Dissecting the Social Trend of Using Skin Whitening Products Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury

Stephanie Kall
Scott Kall

Beat the Yeast Hudson HS Hudson
Michael MacCormac Solar Powered Mechanical Generator Marlborough HS Marlborough
Matthew Pacenka Fun in the Sun Affects Planarian Regeneration Wachusett RHS Holden
Jenna Bogan H2O Resource Dividing in
P. strobus
Hopkinton HS Hopkinton
Colleen Castellani Preventing Small Scale Oil Spills with Asclepias syriaca Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Liam Shanahan Effect of Sail Section Profile on Lift Generated in Up-Wind Sails Bancroft School Worcester

Pranav Gopan
Amar Vadhera

Predicting the Next Amazon Bestseller Advanced Math & Science Academy CS Marlborough
Meggan Mwangi
Shau Le
Skylar Stoll
Ozone Worcester Technical HS Worcester
Erin Condon The Effects of Diet on the Painted Lady Butterfly Marian HS Framingham
Katherine Toll Persistant Pesticides: Is Washing Fruit Worth It? The Bromfield School Harvard
Bhargavi Ram pHantacid: The Effectivness of Antacids. Westborough HS Westborough
Melanie Pinto Is Your Water Giving You Cancer? St. Mary's Jr/Sr HS Worcester
Uthursh Pandey Curcumin: A Miracle Spice( Tumeric) Has Therapeutic Value Grafton HS Grafton
Rebecca Araujo Ridding the World of Red Tide: Effects pH has on Algal Blooms Assabet Valley RTHS Marlborough
Paris Jensen Students' Knowledge of Environmental Change South High Community School Worcester

Worcester Regional Middle School Science & Engineering Fair 2013 Award Recipients

Prize Student Name Project Title School


Genzyme Award Broadcom Master Katie Hudek Using Computational Biology to Help Guide Pharmacological Research for a Given Pathogen Hudek Home School
First Place Broadcom Master Philip Onffroy Degrees of Attraction Bancroft School
First  Place Broadcom Master

Peter H. Nikopoulos
Kevin Hu

Lending A Hand:  Designing the Most Efficient Robotic Hand

Middle School

First Place Broadcom Master Ruqayah Mohammed Hurrican Winds Protection System Alhuda Academy
Second Place Broadcom Master

Grace Cheng
Bhargavi Ram

Warped..... Sarah W. Gibbons
Middle School
Second Place Broadcom Master Tom Brossi Crazy Conductivity Bancroft School
Second Place Broadcom Master Herrick Spencer Three Pills in a Pod Quabog Regional
Middle School
Second Place Broadcom Master Paris Jensen The Beginning of the End of the World: Student's Knowledge of the Anthropocene Sullivan Middle School
Second Place
Broadcom Master
Andrei Sacco Which Orange Juice Has the Most Vitamin C Douglas Intermediate Elementary School

Second Place
Broadcom Master

Natalie G. Baillargeon
Mridhu Khanna
Cacti Conundrum Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School
Second Place
Haris Waqar 3-D Diabetes Alhuda Academy
Second Place

Nurah Ali
Samia Taufeeque
Safa Jawad

Motorized Wheelchair:  One Step Ahead Alhuda Academy
Second Place 

Simrah Ahmed

Global Warming Alhuda Academy
Second Place
Broadcom Master
Marly Gallo Catch a Wave Bancroft School

Third Place

Saad Chaudry
Sahil Nawab

Smart Transit System by Quantum Locking Oak Middle School
Third Place

Emily Lane

Progressive Peel Power Douglas High School
Third Place
Morgan Mooney How Does Water Temperature Affect the Glow of Crime Scene Spray? Douglas High School
Third Place Samuel Majewski Is Stainless Steel Stainless? Quaboag Regional Middle School
Third Place Alicia Cournoyer
Allysa Blake
Waterproof Is worth It Overlook
Middle  School
Third Place Brianna L. Fisher Old School vs. New School: What Will You Remember? Flagg Street School
Third Place Sian Michael
Chloe O'Hara
Kaylin Ciesluk
Is Road Salt Safe for Seeds? Overlook
Middle School
Third Place Andrew Fountain Don't Rock the Boar Quaboag Regional
Middle School
Third Place Rachel Busby Gelatin Strength Bancroft School
Third Place Ryan Polhemus Breaking Bridges Bancroft School
Third Place Rebecca Rokne Do Brita and PUR Filters Really Work? Douglas High School
Third Place Laura N. Boisselle A Spin on Dancing Mountview
Middle School
Third Place Samantha Carr The McCollough Effect Quabog Regional
Middle School
Honorable Mention Oscar Gal The Effect of Temperature on Reaction Rate Bancroft School
Honorable Mention Brian W. Schwalm Electrolyte Fight: Which One Is Bright? Robert E. Melican Middle Schoo
Honorable Mention Taylor Catlin Gasping with Straws Douglas Intermediate Middle School

Honorable Mention


Ashwini Allada
Swetha Bhumireddy
Sumoda Achar

Remember This? Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School
Honorable Mention

Rachel Dixson
Kayla Finnegan

Mnemonics vs. Non-Mnemonics Douglas High School
Honorable Mention Shreya Cnowdhary The Force:  Density's Effect on It's Speed Sarah W. Gibbons
Middle School
Honorable Mention Kirsten Davis Adhesives and Temperature Bancroft School
Honorable Mention

Ayonija Sinha
Brian Chen

Is it Worth It to Take a Step Forward in Technology? Oak Middle School
Honorable Mention Chelsea Sheldon Color Through the Ages Bancroft School
Honorable Mention Phillip Hubbe Sticky Situation Crossroads Learning Center
Honorable Mention Grace Lawson The Mind of a Horse Holy Name Central Catholic Jr/Sr High School
Honorable Mention Mohamad El-Rifai Bridge Designs Alhuda Academy
Honorable Mention Zoe Foster
Anna Hoskins
Nellie Zhang
Purple of Orange?  The Stroop Effect

Robert E. Melican
Middle  School